the Real HouseBowls

Add the Real HouseBowls to your existing Restaurant's Kitchen today!

Restaurateurs, increase profits daily by utilizing your existing equipment and staff to operate this delivery-only brand. the Real HouseBowls will be available online only thus not affecting your restaurant’s in-person dining and pick-up options.

Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) and BRAVO have teamed up to create the Real HouseBowls, a virtual restaurant that delivers curated meals for hungry fans to enjoy while catching up with all their favorite Real Housewives franchises on BRAVO. Superfans and foodies will adore the chef-created menu that is a perfect balance of light and decadent. Much like the Real Housewives casts, the menu features a wide range of offerings, ensuring that there is something that will appeal to the discerning tastes of the passionate audience. The beauty of working with The Real Housewives is that there are new seasons for each franchise running on Bravo Network and online throughout the year. That, along with other shows that discuss the drama and excitement of each episode, keep fans of The Real Housewives engaged year-round. And, of course, the Real Housebowls will take the whole experience to the next level!

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