FaZe Clan has launched its very own range of custom sandwiches known as ‘FaZe Subs’ as part of a new virtual restaurant business on DoorDash in the same vein as MrBeast’s wildly successful burger chain.

FaZe Clan is the latest company to offer its own unique food menu as the esports and media giant now follows the likes of MrBeast Burger and Sides from the Sidemen.

From its announcement on July 26, fans are now able to order custom FaZe Subs sandwiches through DoorDash. With its own curated menu, the virtual restaurant boasts over a dozen items, most of which have been appropriately named.

From the ‘Hot Drop’ to a veggie option called ‘Touch Grass’ and even a unique ‘FaZe Sauce,’ every option into the organization and broader gaming culture.

Even the menu itself is themed after a video game, broken down into Primaries, Secondaries, Side Quests, and The Last Stand for desserts.

FaZe Clan collaborated with chef and TV personality Eric Greenspan to craft its custom menu. One particular item at launch, however, came directly from the mind of co-owner FaZe Rug.

‘The Rugfather’ sandwich — packed with smoked turkey, provolone, guacamole, pepperoncini, FaZe Sauce, and Funyuns — is the first unique creation from a FaZe Clan star and it’s more than likely we’ll see other personalities adding their own to the menu in the months to come.

FaZe Subs is available across 23 states in North America to kick things off, exclusively through DoorDash. The company is already laying the groundwork for expansion into additional US cities and Canada later in 2022.

The new business venture came to life in collaboration with Virtual Dining Concepts, the same company that assisted in the creation of MrBeast Burger.

As one of the first mega-popular internet celebs to launch his own food brand, MrBeast’s exclusive menu has since gone on to reach over $100m in revenue through its first 19 months, also expanding to more than 1,000 locations in North America and Europe.