Are traditional sandwich recipes not satisfying your hunger while gaming? Well, the popular eSports and creator organization, FaZe Clan, has launched just what you need! FaZe Subs, as the announcement and launch video claims, will satisfy one’s hunger and tastebuds like no other traditional recipe.

As fans pointed out, FaZe Clan seems to have adopted one of MrBeast’s successful ideas and put it into good use. While MrBeast promoted juicy burgers, FaZe will distribute huge and wholesome subs, much like Subway. People will be able to choose ingredients for their FaZe Subs according to their liking.

The announcement comes just a week after the organization debuted on the New York Stock Exchange platform as a public company. Being a popular eSports organization of its stature, FaZe had previously vouched to grow its boundaries beyond its present hemisphere. And its first attempt at the same is here!

FaZe Clan takes inspiration from MrBeast Burger

With FaZe Clan entering the restaurant business, many have pointed out at the move, trying to mimic the success of MrBeast, adding in a new idea for subwiches. Like MrBeast Burger, FaZe Subs will also be a delivery-only restaurant. In fact, FaZe Clan also partnered up with Virtual Dining Concepts for this venture. Virtual Dining Concepts has worked with MrBeast on his popular burger chain.

Following the announcement, MrBeast Burger’s Twitter Handle commented on FaZe’s post and suggested a collaborative food item. In fact, the idea attracted several fan approval!

People will be able to order from FaZe Subs, available in 23 US states, via the DoorDash app or website. Subwiches or Subs are common names for Submarine Sandwiches, which are larger variants of traditional sandwiches. The bread is shaped like a submarine and hence, the name.

Usually, one can customize the ingredients that go in a submarine sandwich. FaZe Subs offers the same customization and a ton of exciting ingredients, including FaZe sauce, to choose from. In fact, FaZe Rug has inspired a dish on the menu too!

Most of the subwiches and cooked menu items feature names inspired by common gaming terms. In addition, a premium subwich, named ‘The Rugfather’, is FaZe Rug’s contribution to the menu and has Funyuns on it! Check out the menu or order from here.
FaZe Clan recently went public after their merger with a SPAC went through. However, the company’s performance on the NYSE isn’t applaudable yet. But this didn’t discourage the organization from expanding its market!
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