Following in the footsteps of the YouTube phenomenon Jimmy “MrBeast,” popular esports organization, FaZe Clan recently launched FaZe Subs with DoorDash and fans are absolutely thrilled about this venture.

Taking to their official Instagram handles, the popular esports organization launched their very own custom sandwich/subs, known as FaZe Subs, as part of their new business model.

As soon as the news was made public, several fans, followers and creators chimed in to congratulate the organization on its latest venture. As one can already imagine, the Instagram post soon went viral, racking up over 4000 likes within an hour.

One ecstatic fan commented:

This needs to be a restaurant EVERYWHERE.”Social media abuzz as FaZe Clan launches their own virtual restaurant business

Social media abuzz as FaZe Clan launches their own virtual restaurant business

On July 27, 2022, FaZe Clan officially launched their latest business vertical in partnership with popular food delivery platform DashDoor. The project will essentially allow customers to choose from a wide range of scrumptious food items that are majorly inspired by various members of the organization.

With that being said, fans and customers are now able to place an order for their custom made Faze subs through DoorDash. Although the entire concept of launching a gaming style customer sub is quite fascinating, fans are especially intrigued by the curated menu and its uniquely named selections.

From Hot Drop to Touch Grass, FaZe made sure to broaden their audience base with a video game themed menu. However, there was more to come as the entire menu available on DoorDash is inspired by a video game, majorly categorized on the basis of Primaries, Secondaries, Side Quests and The Last Stand for desserts.

As per other reports, for quality product checks, Faze Clan’s top content creators worked closely with chef and Culinary Director of Virtual Dining Concepts, Eric Greenspan. Furthermore, to celebrate the partnership on a grander level, FaZe and DoorDash are hosting FaZe Rug’s Summer Festival in Los Angeles on July 30, 2022.

Closing in on the deal, Brian “FaZe Rug” Rafat noted:

“I love that FaZe Clan is always down to let us try new things so of course when I heard we were doing FaZe Subs, I wanted to make my dream sandwich. I had a lot of fun creating this with Chef Eric and I want the fans to know I made this for them when they take that first bite. I can’t wait for people to give The Rugfather and the rest of the FaZe Subs menu a try.”

Fans react to FaZe Clan’s new venture

As one of the most popular gaming organizations in the world, FaZe enjoys a great following on their social media platforms. A number of viewers, fans and followers were seen in the comment section, commending and congratulating the entire team on their new chapter. The Instagram post continues to gain more traction as time goes by.

Starting July 26, 2022, FaZe Subs will be available in North America to kick things off, exclusively through DoorDash. The company is already planning to expand its business throughout additional US cities and Canada in the near future.